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Update of vehicles park and contacts !!!

Of the day 14.6.2009 was updated vehicles park and contacts.

Published: Kamil Horník_14.6.2009

Update of pricelist !!!

Of the day 8.9.2006 was updated pricelist.

Published: Kamil Horník_8.9.2006

Expansion of vehicles park !!!

Company HOKATRANS extended vehicles park, details in se v section "Vehicles park".

Published: Kamil Horník_15.3.2006

Startup new version web HOKATRANS !!!

Of the day 14.4.2005 was startup new version web firm HOKATRANS whitch as you are perhaps notice, therefore these lines reading just on him.
Old WEB is on view:Here

Published: Kamil Horník_5.4.2005

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